Method: static Binary Parse(String)

The Base64 format string is converted to Binary.

Parameter Name Description
valueString Base64 formatted value of string type

Error Type: FormatException (If there is a Base64 format error, the Format mismatch error is thrown)


It represents the constructor method. The Binary object is created with data in the byte[] type.

Parameter Name Description
value Data of type byte[]

Property: Value

Returns the value of the byte[] type

Method: string ToUtf8String()

The Binary type data is converted to UTF8 format.

Extension Method: Binary ToUtf8Binary(String)

Base64 formatted data is converted to Binary type with UTF8 encoding.

    Binary binaryValue = "gazel".ToUtf8Binary();
Parameter Name Description
source Base64 formatted value of string type

Extension Method: string ToUtf8String(Byte[])

byte[] type data is converted to string type in UTF8 format

    Binary binaryValue = "gazel".ToUtf8Binary();
    string utf8StringValue = binaryValue.Value.ToUtf8String();
Parameter Name Description
source Value of byte[] type