Add a new business module

In this document you will learn to create a new business module to your existing solution.

If you came here from tutorial pages use Gazel.Tutorial.Module.TaskManagement for your project name.

Create a new module

Create a class library project named [Company].[Product].Module.[ModuleName] under Source/Module solution folder.

Add Gazel

Add Gazel package to your new module project from

Add new module to hosts

Add a reference of your new module to AppHost.Service, Configuration.Service and UnitTest projects.

This is required because;

  • AppHost.Service needs modules to configure classes in service, data access and IoC layers.
  • UnitTest needs modules for the same reason above, but this time for unit testing.
  • Configure.Service doesn't require a reference to your module projects, but we recommend you to do that in case there is a need for configuration overrides or web service packaging.